• Benjamin Berman

    Ben is a researcher at the MIT Media Lab developing competitive video games. He was an assistant to director Errol Morris in Cambridge, MA, where he contributed visual and special effects for feature films. His digital interactives have appeared online in The New York Times, including opinion pieces written in collaboration with Mr. Morris. His animations appear in the Tribeca-selected short film "App," directed by his brother and longtime collaborator Alexander Berman. He executive produced a current Disney series Virtual High. In Los Angeles, he led the development of a #1 App Store game and developed an industry-leading automated advertising platform. As CTO of his startup Workpop, co-founded with Chris Ovitz and Reed Shaffner, he helps 60 million Americans find better jobs. It raised $7 million in a series A in June, 2014.

    $8 million raised

    Series A funding in June, seed in March 2014

    3 #1 Titles

    Led at Scopely, a mobile game studio

    2 award-winning shorts

    App the Movie and Songs from the Tundra

    Book & feature anim. with Errol Morris

    Co-author on book, animations for Known Unknown: The Life and Times of Donald Rumsfeld

    8M monthly users

    Across platforms at Scopely

    3 NYT Interactives

    Harken Ye, Demon in the Freezer and Did My Brother Invent E-mail?

  • Propaganda Tennis

    iOS and Android. Directed with artist and supporting developer. Swipe to swing and tap to move in this competitive tennis adventure through Soviet Russia!


    Art, animation and film reel


    Director of Animation, Assistant Director on various fiction and nonfiction works.

  • Workpop

    Starting in LA, Workpop is creating the best experience for hourly-focused job seekers and the businesses, small and large, that hire them. For hourly workers, we empower them to find a jobs that fit their schedule, needs and interests - and help them develop skills and reputation in the workforce, which can lead to better opportunities and career growth. For employers, we empower them to hire faster with better candidate information in order to retain the best people and reduce employee turnover . The days of ugly classifieds and impersonal job boards are behind us. Workpop is re-imagining the job seeking and hiring process with a beautifully designed, human focused solution.

  • Super Death Bowl

    Patronize your favorite champion in this Hunger Games homage. Hundreds of casual players spectate, drop power ups and support favorite champion while 12 champions play a FFA shooter on PC.

  • Autobuy

    This app purchases mobile game download ads for the optimal Facebook demographics based on long-term projections of the users’ revenue. 18% six month forecast error with 2 weeks data. Compares favorably to conventional regression’s 200% error. Implemented the Buy Till You Die (Pareto/NBD) model of recency, frequency and average monetary value of purchases. Uses a Bayesian vector autoregressive time series model to forecast CPI. Dashboard built on Tableau, automated buying interface built in Meteor, original training model in Matlab and Python.